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HigherGround’s Bootcamp Courses combine full body conditioning with intensity and fun to create a workout experience you’ll never forget. Being a course with objectives, each course builds to the finish when each bootcamp team will compete (in a friendly way) with other HigherGround bootcamp teams in a relay finale obstacle course. Stations will be shown to Bootcampers throughout the course to make you prepared.

Bootcamps are great for those who like to add some intensity to their workouts, need a little push and appreciate the support one gets from your peers. Fitness Assessments are done monthly to assess progress, and EVERYONE IMPROVES. Courses are small allowing no one to be over looked. There’s nowhere to hide!

Please check out the schedule below to pick the course best suited for you. Call or email if you have questions and click the “Register” button when you’re sure you want to sign up. Not sure? Join a sample trial class first but don’t wait; we keep a strict attendance maximum to each class.

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Boot Camp @ HigherGround Health and Fitness Club - 40,000 sq ft of facility and large group class and fitness areas dedicated

Not sure? Why not try a trial session. Email us here with your time and location and we will follow up with you!

145 King

416-913-9123 x1

6:45am-7:15am MWF

1pm- 1:30pm MWF

2pm-2:30pm MWF

5:30-6pm MWTHURS

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