Chronic Lower Back Pain

We offer an evidence-based exercise program for clients suffering with chronic musculoskeletal (related to the muscles, joints, fascia) lower back pain.  Low back pain can affect your daily life and we aim to help you regain function and get back to being active.  Candidates for the program are those suffering from persistent and/or recurrent lower back pain that is not due to a serious pathological condition. The end goal is to teach strategies for pain management and confidence in an ongoing home exercise program that is personally tailored for each participant.   


Eligible participants will join group exercise classes that are specifically tailored to progressively strengthen the lower back, according to each individual’s abilities. Each exercise category has several levels so it is suited for all levels, from the elderly to the athlete. The classes run twice per week for 6 weeks. Prior to beginning the classes, there is a mandatory assessment required to ensure eligibility as well as determine back fitness PLUS attendance to one education session which will ensure you get the most from your exercise sessions. This program is not simply an exercise class, it is a combination of education regarding chronic lower back pain and targeted exercises tailored to your level of ability. We also determine specific goals for each participant and re-evaluate to ensure you are on track to meeting your goals by the end of the program.

Program includes:

  • One assessment by the chiropractor 
  • One 1.5 hour education session
  • 12 one-hour lower back group classes (2x/ week for six weeks)- include education, exercises, Q&A sessions

Questions?  Book a free consult with Dr. Ashraf to help determine if you would be an eligible candidate for the program. 


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