Membership Freeze Request

Cardio-Go is happy to include in all Memberships – an industry leading Freeze option which allows all members to pause their memberships and their fees when they cannot use it. Bottom line – if you can’t come, you don’t have to pay. Good policy right? Here are a few conditions so as to insure that we can offer this feature without any difficulty:

  • All Freezes must be requested 7 days prior to the requested month. We need this time to simply process the request without risk of letting anyone down!
  • Freezes can only be requested for calendar months. In other words no mid-month freezes and no 2-week Freezes please! Your membership is billed monthly so the freeze simply pauses that monthly fee.
  • Freezes may go for 1, 2, or 3 months. After that period, Members can re-freeze if they choose but only for cumulative 6 months out of every calendar year.
  • Please make sure your account is all up to date with payments before requesting a Freeze. We won’t be able to administer your Freeze if you are behind in a payment.
  • Freezes will pause your membership fee but not any other scheduled payments. Please check with your club manager if you have any questions or concerns about other fees.
  • The Member understands that they will be responsible for any time or financial commitments remaining on the membership after the Freeze is over. In other words, a Freeze does NOT replace any membership commitments. Monthly fees will resume following the membership (or pre-paid time in the case of a pre-paid Membership) and any term obligations will resume including if the membership requires 30 day notice to cancel.
  • This portal will send your request to Management for processing. Once completed, Cardio-Go will send you a confirmation email. Please keep that email for your records!
Membership Freeze Portal
I have read and agree to Cardio-Go's policies written on this page relating to the Membership Freeze. *
I verify that my membership is in good standing without any past due amounts owing *
I verify that I will continue to honour the monthly membership fee commitment as agreed upon in my membership agreement following the freeze *