Julius SzitaiFitness Specialist


    I started my career in the ring as a competitive boxer. The physical endurance, mind and body connection and determination are core values that years of training from experts better than myself have taught me. I apply that to my training style and approach with every client. Your goals are my goals, I challenge and hold you accountable so that you achieve tangible results through building awareness and strength.

    Whether you’re recovering from an injury, wanting to lose fat and gain muscle, or simply wanting to look good, feel confident and energized I can help you achieve your goals and trigger changes in lifestyle beyond just the physical. I believe everyone has untapped potential to achieve optimal strength, health and happiness.

    You don’t need to live at the gym to get results, I work with busy individuals everyday and help get the most of their valuable time. My philosophy is why work harder when you can work smarter?


    • Can Fit Pro Certified Personal Trainer – 2015
    • Canadian Red Cross Certified in Standard First Aid & CPR- 2020
    • CHEK Institute Scientific Back Training Certification – 2020
    • CHEK Institute Scientific Core Training (In Progress)
    • Jim Bilotta Soft Tissue Release Certified (STR)-2019
    • Boxing Ontario Level 1 – 2011
    • Poliquin Group Fundamentals of Relative Strength – 2019
    • Darby Training Systems (DTS) Level 1 – 2016
    • Darby Training Systems (DTS) Nutrition Fundamentals Level 1 – 2016
    • Darby Training Systems (DTS) Lean Body Coach – 2019
    • Z Health University Essentials Of Elite Performance (In Progress)
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