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Higher Ground’s mission is to Re-invent and Re-imagine Health Care in Canada. At Higher Ground- MOVEMENT IS MEDICINE. Higher Ground represents the idea that health care is not something for hospitals and the sick- Health care is something we all do to make ourselves better. It’s about taking care of ourselves. It’s about the process of becoming better, whether that be to recover from an injury or illness or to achieve a personal best, or maybe it’s just to simply create a day with a little more peace.

We believe that our Space is a better place- a Higher Ground, and its purpose is to help you get better. We are here to help you find your OWN HIGHER GROUND.

Origin Story: 

Higher Ground was an overnight success 22 years in the making.

Born out of an MBA course in the year 2000, “Higher Ground” is what Ranil Kumara and Steve Lachelt called the business plan they wrote as a class assignment. The idea was simple but bold: to smash the imaginary boundary between fitness and health and create Canada’s first “Health Club”. This Club would welcome all to a better place to be healthy and active. It would be a healthy place for people with injuries to recover and become better, and it would introduce medicine and rehab to those interested in fitness and performance. Essentially, Higher Ground would be the marriage of a sports medicine clinic and a fitness centre, but the result of this marriage would be a different and better way for people to think about their health care and their physical and mental potential.

At the conclusion of the course, Steve said to Ranil that he wanted to make this vision a reality. Little did either of them know it would take 22 years to come alive!

Following the course, Steve went hunting for a venue and someone who could lead the Sports Medicine part of Higher Ground.  In 2001, he met Dr Tim Rindlisbacher, who shared his vision of better health care through movement. Soon, Tim introduced Steve and Ranil to Marcel De Rous and Mark Cho, and the founding pillars of Higher Ground had formed. Since then, others have joined and shared the vision of Movement as Medicine. More than anything else, it is the people that have always made Higher Ground special.

After 22 years of waiting Higher Ground was officially born on May 1st 2022 on the 4th floor of the Aura Tower at College Park. Good things come to those who wait!


Monthly Pre-Paid Memberships

Our best value. Includes unlimited full access memberships without any monthly fee. One payment. Unlimited access to all facilities and classes. Excludes courses.

Choose your membership and then pick one of our 4 great locations around downtown Toronto. Each has its own special vibe to work hard in. If you like bootcamps, personal training, other great classes or just get out there and run on our treadmills… its all here for you!

Come by and meet some great people that want you to be your best!










Monthly Payment Membership

The Standard All Inclusive Membership

This is the Membership for those who want to really use all of what our membership can do for them. It’s not glamorous but it’s what we think you’ll need to be the healthiest you can be.

Unlimited visits
Freezes 1-3 months at a time (you can stop paying!)
All Club and Location Access
All classes including Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Fit4Fight, Hitfit, Spin, and more
Bike storage *where applicable
A Complimentary Start-up Training session/Assessment with a Fitness Specialist
A Complimentary Consult with a Clinician for a Health Screening.

With Classes

12 Month Plan


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Our Team

  • Matthew Lee Physiotherapy

    He has experience working with a diverse orthopaedic clientele, including but not limited to post-operative clients, people involved in motor vehicle and work-related accidents, athletes ranging from the recreational to elite levels of competition and professionals working in the performing arts. 

  • Kaivan Shimi Assistant Manager

    His passion for fitness comes from his background playing varsity soccer in university and in Canada’s semi-pro soccer league. In addition he competes in bodybuilding/physique competitions at the National level. His competitive nature makes him a leader that sets the example and always strives to maximize potential.

  • Angela Nuhn
    Angela Nuhn
  • Angelica Morjaria Yoga Instructor
    Practicing an all around conscious lifestyle through daily movement, a nutritious diet, connection through community, creative arts, dance, and meditation.
  • Chuck Rosenberg Spin Instructor

    “As an instructor, I’m in a position to lead a class and motivate each rider to achieve their own objectives, no matter what their level of fitness. My focus is building a ride to awesome music, pushing my spin students limits and, most important, having f-u-n!”

  • Lisa Tai Yoga Instructor
    She is a lover of music, particularly soulful House music, which she combines with creatively choreographed sequences in one of her signature Yoga Rhythms offerings, HouseYoga.
  • Tony Tam Fitness Specialist

    Whether 1 on 1 or in a group class environment, Tony Promotes a fun and safe way to becoming a fitter you by providing simple instruction and ongoing support.

  • Jason Kong Fitness Specialist

    He is very versatile in his training methods, but has a love for structural balance, body recomposition and strength training. Jason has worked with a wide variety of clients, from athletes and weekend warriors to individuals who have never played a sport or new to training.

  • James Park Fitness/Boxing Specialist

    With over 15 years of boxing and golf experience, he has worked for numerous gyms and boutiques during his 15 years of coaching experience. He lives by example for his clients who are seeking a fit and healthy lifestyle. 

  • Sarah Bangs Fitness Specialist

    Sarah is incredibly passionate about both strength training and running. She loves to help women become stronger, take on new strength training goals or running challenges.

  • Shannon Williams Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Inspired by her father, a successful hypnotherapist and Reiki Master, Shannon has been practicing many forms of holistic and natural medicines for over 15 years.

  • Franca Pranovi Yoga Instructor

    She incorporates the yogic principles with poses that focus on balance, strength and flexibility. Adding pranayama breathing and the power of visualization in each class, students will have a moment to stimulate, appreciate and observe the flow of energy within the body.