The HigherGround Training Advantage

At HigherGround we strive to improve you. Our trainers are motivated as much as you to assist in getting to your goals. With four locations: College & Yonge, King West, Simcoe, 700U and 145 King, we have ample opportunities to hit that mark and make those endorphins rock! Give us a chance and we can show you how we welcome new clients to working out for the first time or the seasoned veteran that needs that little bit of push and coaching. Take a look at our packages – as always we have managers at all 4 locations to help you in your personal journey.

Higher Ground Weight Lifting Area

Training Rates and Packages

6 Pack

Our 6 Session Package is our smallest package of Personal Training and is designed either to be enough sessions to facilitate a great start to a programme or sessions to be used sporadically for occasional check-ups. I can always act as a great taste too if you just want to test out the service!

30 mins – $52/session

45 mins – $75/session

60 mins – $95/session

12 Pack

A 12 Session package is usually a more thorough initiation to a programme whereby the user can get a really good base before moving on more independently or a package of time where the trainer can set up programmes every month or so. It’s a more popular starter package than the 6pack because generally people are able to leave their sessions with some muscle memory and a more firmly established base. It’s also a little cheaper per session!

30 mins – $48/session

45 mins – $72/session

60 mins – $90/session

36 Pack

A 36 Session package is usually more of a results based plan. In other words by the completion of the package, clients should expect measurable results. The trainer can take base line measurements at the start, and then see real measurable improvements by the end. Usually a package of this size takes between 3 and 6 months to use.

30 mins – $45/session

45 mins – $67/session

60 mins – $85/session

Meet our Trainers

Now that you have decided to work hard with us. Take a look at who is best suited to help you achieve your goals! You can book with them directly on their profiles so take a look. If you have any questions at all… feel free to connect with our managers. They can help you find the best trainer for your situation and needs.

Now let’s work!

  • I have been working with Eddy for almost a year and a half now. He has given me the tools to improve my flexibility strength and overall better health. I would recommend him to anyone looking to improve and get back on the court or what ever sport you wish to play. He knows how to make that happen!

    Leo Goddu
  • I started with Jenna in conjunction with chiropractic care for a knee injury. Then I trained with Jenna all through pregnancy and I felt great! It helped with my energy during and recovery afterwards. I was running for the go train at 9 months! Now Jenna is helping me get "me time" and make the most of my time at the gym as I learn to balance it with work and family. I would highly recommend her!!

    Tanya Pulfer
  • She was my prenatal fitness coach, and she did an amazing job, would recommend her to any expecting mother or anyone just looking to get in shape

    Rebecca Kneeshaw
  • I spent too many years hating my body and dreading exercise because it made me feel worse about it. Jenna has a unique approach to fitness that focuses on what your body can do (instead of what it can't), building your strength and stamina in ways that focus on your mental and physical health, and most importantly she is very open about her own fitness journey. She is body-positive and supportive but she'll never let you get away with slacking off when she knows you can give more! Now I exercise because I am learning to love my body not because I am ashamed of it.

    Merissa Aaron
  • ​I started working out with Jenna about 9 months ago. If you 're like me and go to yoga, pilates, biking, dancing but just can't see yourself lifting weights, then you need Jenna! She pushes you enough to make you stronger but not discourage you from coming back. Plus she'll accommodate your schedule and play your favourite song to motivate you!

    Ceyda Turan
  • Earlier this year I made the decision to get healthier and stronger. I have issues with sciatica and needed someone who could understand my limitations. I signed up for 40 sessions with Jenna. After the first day I won't lie I wanted to sleep in a constant hot bath for weeks...this was after the first couple lol but Jenna would push me and text me. Jenna is a fantastic couch and motivator. She helps you get out of the workout funk and understands when you need a week off to reset. She pushes you hard at the gym but I promise you she is doing it because she knows the results you will get. My but has never looked so good and I am very impressed with the weight I can lift/leg press. This is all thanks to Jenna. If you really want a change I HIGHLY suggest you see her.

    Christina Crawford
  • Jenna is an unbelievable coach and motivator. I started with her at a very low fitness level after I sustained a major injury. She has been supportive to no end. She tailors my workouts to keep things fresh and take into account my goals. She is positive and understanding of my limitations while still being firm enough that I'm motivated to succeed. My body and strength and self confidence have benefited so much from her. I'd highly recommend her if you're looking for a trainer.

    Charlotte Dove
  • For me what makes Matt a fantastic trainer besides his knowledge and capability as a trainer, is that he has the biggest heart and he truly cares about his clients. I have been boxing with Matt for about 2 years now and I cant believe how much stronger I am from training with him.

    Erika Pompili
  • Exhlerating, fast pace with challenging surprise a minute activities. My body takes me where my mind never thought I could go. Love the adrenal rush. My fitness level has never been better.

    Michelle Ann Lewis
  • I have been attending Tony's Total Body Blast classes for more than 5 years. These classes compliment my other workouts as they combine cardio and strengthening. Tony continually changes the exercises, working the entire body in a fun and exciting environment. No matter what stage he will challenge beginners and advanced. Tony will push you to work hard!

    Sam Cosentino
  • I've been working with Matt for roughly two to three (2-3) years. He has been a constant professional and has provided the motivation, knowledge and expertise in helping me achieve my fitness goals. His approach has worked very well for me, offering me balanced workout routines coupled with details on the nutritional changes I need to focus on. He has a very positive and nurturing disposition, yet is able to strongly encourage and lead his clients to challenge and push themselves to reach their goals. I have seen and continue to see results and definitely contribute a lot to Matt's teachings with respect to my own personal change.

    Daniel Moses
  • I think Nathan is great! I've tried three trainers in Toronto and he's the only one who has kept me on track. I am pretty fussy; I had an amazing trainer in Nova Scotia so that didn't help! However, he has me on a program that is very appropriate given I am brutally out of shape and four years older than I was when I worked with that trainer!

    Laura S Barrett
  • Top notch cyclist and Spin Instructor, always the best class of the week.

    Wesley Belanger
  • Matt is a great trainer. He really takes the time to find out your goals, and develop a highly personalized plan to help you achieve them. In my case he is helping me recover my strength after an injury, and I am seeing results after only 4 sessions. Thanks Matt!

    Alex Pacheco
  • Very energetic as soon as one walks into the room! Love the classes with my trainer.

    Anita Tran
  • My trainer was the first personal trainer I've ever had and he really drove home the value of having someone there motivating you and making sure that you're working out smart and safely. I gave him my goals and he helped me work towards them to great results. I continue to work out and use all of the things he taught me and I'll always be grateful to him for helping me start living a healthier, and more fit life.

  • My trainer is an absolutely amazing lady and instructor. Her classes are a total workout but also full of energy and fun. She pushes you to do your best and encourages you along the way. There are times I feel can’t do any more reps, I’m exhausted, but I push myself to do it for her. She respects your limits and doesn’t judge you, understands injuries/ illnesses and adjusts a work out for me so I don’t feel inadequate and want to give up. She makes you believe in yourself time and time again and does so by being so inspirational, so uplifting, so motivating and so warm and kind, I enjoy coming. I think she’s an incredible lady and absolutely amazing instructor !

    Robin Thompson
  • My trainer takes an innovative approach to training. Every session is unique and results focused.

    Steve Mast
  • He is very knowledgeable in what he does, and my body have transformed since I started working out with him. He also is very good at managing unexpected injuries. He is able switch the planned workout moves on the fly in the case of soreness or injury and still make the 1-hour session count. I never had any problems with him in terms of scheduling as well. He was very flexible and understanding of my busy schedule all the time. I'm not sure what to add to my answer it would be easier for me to fill a questionnaire for your evaluation. However I had a great experience with my trainer and CardioGo during my time working out. I'll be away during summer but will definitely come back on September to keep working.

    Deniz Bayraktar
  • I have worked with many trainers over the years, all with their unique perspectives and styles. My trainer is a great and patient trainer, his style is attention to form and style having me perform exercises properly several times rather than doing many repetitions in such a fashion that I might hurt or injure myself. My focus is to maintain bone density, joint flexibility and strength in order to head off the possibility of osteoporosis. My trainer designs programs for me that make it possible to achieve those goals. We have worked together for about 7 years and I have no intention to leave him for another trainer.

  • I really like my trainer's approach. She's been very nice, committed and she worries about my safety when I'm working out. I really like also that she is challenging me to do better every week. I think she is really professional and frienly and if I continue with more classes I'll absolutely pick her again.
  • When I first started working with my trainer about five years ago, someone told me I was getting “the Cadillac of trainers.” I’d say more like the Bentley, the Rolls-Royce, maybe the Ferrari. It’s no exaggeration to say he pretty much saved my life. I was not in good shape back then, either physically or mentally. He knows me now better than I know myself — what I can do, how much I can do, when to push me, when to hold me back. I’m five years older and five years better than I was and it’s all thanks to him. Not only that, he’s the nicest guy imaginable. I’m very happy not only to call him my trainer but also my friend.

    Bill Taylor
  • I've always found my trainer to be a great instructor in his Body Blast, Spin and TRX classes. He focuses on leading by example by demonstrating proper form and pushes everyone to give it their all. He always takes time to answer any questions and offers advise where necessary. Always pleasant to speak with overall great part of the Cardio-Go team.

    Sophia Kudlyk
  • I have known my trainer for some years now and consider a friend..... He is very approachable... and is always dedicated to his classes, meaning he provides challenging programs & shows the correct way to exercise. He knows I do have back issues and asks from time to time how I'm doing... That shows a care and a personal aspect that makes Cardio Go what it is... Overall an aspect to your business...

    Tim Hickson
  • My trainer has been my trainer for over three years. He is a committed, dedicated professional who strives to make his clients excel in their workout goals. Although the workouts are intense, my trainer always makes it fun and interesting! For my trainer, these are more than workouts, they are life skills we will use for the rest of our lives!

    Kate Bradeen
  • I have worked with a lot of personal trainers. My trainer has both the temperament and knowledge to be a great trainer. I want to be active and fit. As someone who is dealing with injuries- my greatest fear is reinjuring or taking a step backward. He works hard to understand the bio-mechanical implications while helping to gain strength and improve. He pushes but is encouraging and he is engaged the entire time. (who wants their trainer checking text messages?) He works hard to understand your limits, but gets you working in the improvement zone. I have worked with him for over 18 months. Best trainer I have ever worked with period.

    Bryan Walkey
  • I've been to Cardio-Go regularly two or three times a week since I joined. Your Simcoe Street location became something I never expected: a community for me. I've been supported and inspired by my trainer. I have been made to feel at home by other members, your desk staff and trainers, including Karina, Sarah, and Marco. He keeps the place spic and span and is always there to welcome me and kibbitz a bit while he works. He's a good lad.
    Steve, it's your staff that makes the place great. I'm a fan and look forward to returning in January.
    Just wanted you to know how much the place means to me.
    Best wishes for continued success,
    Timothy Neesam
  • Kendrew Lee
  • My trainer has been dedicated in working with me to ensure that l am training with a safe and successful routine to produce the desired results. He put me through graduated stretching to increase my flexibility, agility, strength and core strength. My trainer created various custom routines that challenged me. They helped build upon my abilities and confidence. I listened to him in-depth and updated him often to keep me on track without any setbacks or injuries. My trainer adapted routines to keep the progress going forward, continuously challenging my limits. With my trainer's friendly, inspiring, motivational and focused attention he made every workout challenging with improved recovery time each and every time. As much as workouts were going to be painful and grueling, I was often disappointed when they were over. I found myself looking forward to the next workout, knowing I would only have to dig deeper. There were times we talked about nutrition, food consumption, rest and working out on my own. Everything my trainer did was very well rounded and balanced. All I had to do was show up, follow his instructions and answer his questions. January 2019 I achieved passing the PARE test at 4 minutes and 30 seconds, beating the required passing time of 4 minutes 45 seconds. I believe I passed because of the personal training provided. I wanted to pass onto to you my achievement but more importantly that I was successful only because of the motivation, dedication, and commitment Matt provided to helping me achieve my goal. Thank you for your time. Jason

    Jason Hanson
  • Oh, I'm so glad he's still there. His classes are brutal .. I have to get back in shape to do it! He has such a lovely energy ... I'm glad to be in the gym when he's there. Mary

  • The trainer was great. She gave me nutrition tips, showed me correct form, and through the process it became clear that I was suffering from imbalance in my strength which hurts my overall performance. She was highly encouraging and fun to work with.
  • I just wanted to give a shout out to the fit 4 fighting class. It's easily my favourite class at Cardio Go! The class instructor has genuine passion and enthusiasm for what he does and it shows. He cares deeply about his students progress and I appreciate that.