Welcome to HigherGround Spinning! Our team of spin instructors brings a collective mindset to our cycling space: motivation, discipline, strength-training, cardio, endurance-building and, always, FUN.

Each of our certified, talented and motivating instructors brings his or her own brand of spin into the studio and we encourage our clients to try all of them! Expect a variety, often eclectic mix of music: hip hop, indie, Latina, reggae, classic rock, even a splash of disco! Each song within the playlists are carefully designed to challenge our clients.

With a wide-range of class times to fit all of our clients schedules: nights, weekends, even lunchtime classes, all timed at 45-minutes in length, it’s a no-brainer!

Tuesday’s at 6pm
Thursday’s at 6:30pm
Saturday’s at 10:00am

Work hard. Spin hard. Sweat hard. Oh, and always walk away exhilarated and happy you were here!

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